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Film Making


1. Posijet BK Type

Posijet BK posi film making system, uses ink jet printer to produce monochrome output.
Without using color ink, black ink and cleaner success to lower running cost.

2. CTS Printer

Printing industry such as offset has change to computer plating, screen printing industry which used to process with silver halide film and image-setter machine has start changing, people are writing different proposal for replacement. However, due to cost and

accuracy, most machine did not match screen industry needs. 


Accessories for film making

MJF Film

MG Film

Black Ink

Stencil Making Machines

1. Screen Tensioner - SMT

Unique mechanism enables low stress rectangular tensioning.Different motor for vertical and horizontal tensioning, frame lifting unit installed for frame attachment. SMT is user friendly with light table for checking, remote control.

2. Emulsion Coating Machine

Assistance for professional. Economic and user friendly photosensitive emulsion coating machine.

3. Slant Printer - UV Box

UV box is the most ideal stencil making exposure machine under all aspect considered.

4. Stencil Washing Machine

Regardless of frame size, user friendly with simple operation. With increase size of frame and detail pattern, manual process developing fail to ensure quality.

5. Oven

This machine enables warm-air drying process such as after pre-cleaning of stencil, after emulsion coating and after development, is a very useful machine during stencil making process.

Accessories for stencil making

Screen Mesh

Aluminium Frame


Emulsion, Hardener

Aluminium Bucket



Printing Machines

1. Minomat Series

Adding "environmental care" to the greatest advantage of MINOMAT "user friendly", we have succeeded to cut down 45% of energy consumption and 25% of compressed air consumption.

User friendly, quiet and compact, with improvement of detail parts for years is the advantage of this machine.

2. Access Series

New ACCESS is a printing machine that always outputs at the highest of qualities demanded.

ACCESS series has always been selected and support by our customer as a complete form of a totally superior screen printing machine. ACCESS II has been released in response to even higher levels and more diversified qualities required in current printing.

Accessories for printing machine

Squeegee Rubber

Squeegee Holder

Clamp Holder



1. IR Dryer

Drying of function ink, paste using far-infrared ability and combination with hot air, to complete total solution for drying techniques.

2. Jet Dryer

The most suitable dryer for evaporation drying type ink. hot-air dryer uses strong jet stream power and well balance with heater to perform powerful drying treatment.

3. Wicket Dryer

Long-time drying! The most simple and certain drying way for long-time drying.

4. Dry Rack Oven / Dry Rack / Stack Rack

Drying of all ink, paste with baking, universal drying machine available tucking in of dry rack.

Pad printers


 Printing Systems & Robotic Automation

  Kent is the worldwide manufacturer and supplier of high quality pad and screen-printing systems.We provide complete decorating solutions from single color to multi color printing systems with robot automation for a superior and greener printing experience. We offer top quality solvent base and uv inks, high volume steel plates, innovative green plates, wide variety silicon pads, computer-to-plate laser engraving machine, 0-adjustment dead-on supporting accessories and handling and maintenance equipment.

Accessories for Pad printing machine

Ink cups




・Industrial photo plotter with maximum resolution of 12000dpi to provide high definition image for screen printing.
・Support conventional image data (e.g. AI).
・Combining with automatic development device to realize full automatic online system.


Cleaning equipment

Screen Washing Agent

Cleaning Paper

Screen Printing Ink