About Us

Morio International Co., Ltd. has been established since 1976 C.E. under the name of Bangkok S.P.S Ltd Part. We are a member of  Morio Group of companies who own extensive experiences and are well known in Thai silk screen printing industry.


Morio International Co., Ltd. has intended to supply the screen printers in various kinds of industry with high quality materials and equipment in screen printing business. For example, we supply graphic screen printing in advertising signage industry, gift and packaging industry, interior decoration, sport equipment and electronic industry as well as high technology industry such as smart phone, PCB, vehicles and electronics equipment require high quality standard. We are highly confident that if you are looking for high quality screen printing equipment and supply, we are surely able to hand you the best support.

Affiliated Company

Morio Co., Ltd.

Morio Pro Co., Ltd.

MorioNext Co., Ltd.