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Under the severe business competition nowadays, using high quality will induce to the decreasing in cost. High quality stencil can produce the high accuracy and finest detail of the job. It supports the high reproducibility of the industrial job which in turn will reduce cost and loss of the job. Printers will be able to work easily and flowingly. Decreasing in production time, increasing in productivity and profitability.

Screen Mesh

High quality screen mesh is the best served industrial quality screen printing. With its high tension quality, the printer can easily control the finest detail and high precision of printing. With the strong structure of the mesh, it makes the stencil very durable for heavy duty job and increases number of strokes extends the stencil’s life.

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The high quality Sensitized Emulsion will commit absolutely higher accuracy, better reproducibility and allow a sharp plate. It also preserves for a long period of time and resistant to heavy duty solvent. Moreover, it is pollution-free and contains no harmful substances.


Electronic Parts

Touch Screen

Light Panel

Plastic Card

Screen Frame

Strong and Durable “Aluminum Alloy”. Due to high tension of screen canvas, screen frame could be out of shape and twisted. The Aluminum Alloy Screen Frame, in turn, protects the frame from being twisted. It optimizes technology for ultimate quality of screen-printing industry.





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